The composition of Sodium Silicate-Sodium Silicate (Liquid Sodium Silicate, Sodium Silicate) is manufactured by melting SiO©Łand NaCO©żat high temperature and it's distributed as an aqueous solution. It's soluble in water so it's also called Water Glass. NO§żnSiO©Ł§żmHO is the general formula for Sodium Silicate. The application criteria of Sodium Silicate are based on mole ratio (Molecular ratio) and it can be easily calculated from the weight percentage of SiO©Łand NaO as shown below.

The density of Sodium Silicate is generally expressed in Be' and Be' can be calculated from the specific gravity of a solution.

The viscosity of Sodium Silicate solution depends on mole ratio and it changes according to the specific gravity of concentration and temperature even for the same mole ratio. The higher concentration, the higher viscosity and the higher temperature, the lower viscosity.
 < Graph1 > Relationship between concentration and viscosity ( 20°… )
 < Graph2> Relationship between specific gravity and viscosity ( 20°… )
 < Graph3 > Relationship between temperature and viscosity
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