Used for general package (domestic)
No moisture intrusion because of heat bonding method
weight A Type : Net 15Kg / B Type : Net 8Kg
Pallet  1,100mm x 1,300
           mmaccumulation texturing film process
           15kg x 66 Bag/Pallet (990Kg)

The inner side of a paper bag is composed of Alumina and PE bag (10x10), so it's robust and allows no moisture.
Used for export package.
A Type : Net 15Kg
B Type : Net 12.5Kg

Used upon customer's request when the storage tank of export package or packaging machine is large.
weight A Type : Net 750Kg / B Type : Net 450Kg

To prevent corrosion, tin is coated inside. Used mainly for custom package.
weight A Type : Net 12.5Kg / B Type : Net 8Kg

Used for the package of Pair Glass.
weight : Net 20Kg
Pallet 1,100mm x 1,300mm 
           mmaccumulation texturing film process
ķƮ(20kg x 48 Box/Pallet (960Kg)
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