Liquid Sodium Silicate

1. Product summary
  • It is commonly called as water glass because of its solubility in water. The general chemical formula is Na₂O nSiO₂ mH₂O. The Korean Industry Standard KSM 1415 classifies it as four types but we manufacture various types of liquid sodium silicate and are able to produce customized types as well.

    CAS No.1344-09-8
2. Product Standard
  • Koream Industrial Standard KSM 1415
ITEM / Type Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Specific gravity (20℃) 1,690↑ 1,590↑ 1,380↑ 1,260↑
SiO2 (wt%) 36 - 38 34 - 36 28 - 30 23 - 25
Na2O (wt%) 17 -18 14 - 15 9 - 10 6 - 7
Fe2O3 (wt%) 0.05↓ 0.05↓ 0.05↓ 0.05↓
Amount of water insoluble matter (%) 0.2↓ 0.2↓ 0.2↓ 0.2↓
3. Package
SIZE package container package weight
Class 1 Steel Drum 320Kg(200 litter)
Class 2 Steel Drum 300Kg(200 litter)
Class 3 Steel Drum 280Kg(200 litter)
Class 4 Steel Drum 260Kg(200 litter)

  • ※ Drum package & delivery and Tank Lorry delivery
4. Application
  • Binder for mold, Soil hardening agent, Accelerator for cement, Binder for acid resistant and fire resistant cement and mortar, Additive for synthetic detergent, Bleaching helping agent for fiber and paper, Additive for soap, Protective coating for welding electrode, Clay dispersant, Cleaning water agent, Adhesive for paper box, Ink bleaching for disposed paper, White carbon, Silicagel.
5. Caution
  • 1) Liquid sodium silicate is not a toxic material but it's harmless chemical used in tap water.

    · Furthermore, Cd, lead, hexavalent chrome, arsenic, and mercury are not detected in leaching test according to the notice from Ministry of Environment. However, it's not a food additive so it's harmful to human body when it's swallowed.

  • 2) Caution for handling Liquid sodium silicate

    · Clean skin thoroughly with water when it's exposed to Liquid sodium silicate solution.

    · When an eye is exposed to Liquid sodium silicate solution, wash your face with clean water and apply aboric acid solution to the eye and use eye-drops. - Keep it away from wound.

    · Wash clothes contaminated by Liquid sodium silicate solution as soon as possible before it becomes dry. because it may cause decoloration and it's hard to remove it once it's dry.