Liquid Lithium Silicate

1. Product summary
  • The general chemical formula is Li₂O nSiO₂ mH₂O. One of advantages from its usage is relatively no redissolution after drying compared to liquid sodium silicate and liquid potassium silicate.

    CAS No.12627-14-4
2. Product Standard
Specific gravity (20℃) 1.18~1.22
SiO2 (wt%) 18~22
Li2O (wt%) 2.0~2.5
pH 10~12
3. Package
  • 20L, 200L DRUM
4. Application
  • Ceramic/Inorganic Binder, Concrete Surface Reinforcement, Welding rod Binder, Flame Retardant.
5. Caution
  • 1) Caution for handling Liquid Lithium Silicate.

    · Clean skin thoroughly with water when it's exposed to Liquid Lithium Silicate.

    · When an eye is exposed to Liquid Lithium Silicate, wash your face with clean water and apply aboric acid solution to the eye and use eye-drops. - Keep it away from wound.

    · Wash clothes contaminated by Liquid Lithium Silicate solution as soon as possible before it becomes dry. because it may cause decoloration and it's hard to remove it once it's dry.