Liquid Potassium Silicate

1. Product summary
  • The potassium silicate is manufactured by melting SiO₂ and K₂CO3 in a high temperature furnace, and the liquid potassium silicate is its water solution which appears transparent and colorless. The general chemical formula is K₂O nSiO₂ mH₂O. This is very commonly used as water soluble silicate inorganic solution along with liquid sodium silicate.

    CAS No.1312-76-1
2. Product Standard
Specific gravity (20℃) 1.380 ↑ 1.290 ↑
Mole ratio (M.R) 2.9~3.1 3.4~3.6
SiO2 (wt%) 25~27 21~23
K2O (wt%) 13~14 9.5~10.5
Fe2O3 (wt%) 0.05 ↓ 0.05↓
3. Package
SIZE package container package weight
1K Steel Drum 280Kg(200 litter)
2K Steel Drum 260Kg(200 litter)

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4. Application
  • Ceramic/Inorganic Binder, Concrete Surface Reinforcement, Welding rod Binder, Flame Retardant.
5. Caution
  • 1) Liquid Potassium Silicate is not a toxic material but it's harmless chemical used in tap water.

    · Furthermore, Cd, lead, hexavalent chrome, arsenic, and mercury are not detected in leaching test according to the notice from Ministry of Environment. However, it's not a food additive so it's harmful to human body when it's swallowed.

  • 2) Caution for handling Liquid Potassium Silicate

    · Clean skin thoroughly with water when it's exposed to Liquid Potassium Silicate solution.

    · When an eye is exposed to Liquid Potassium Silicate solution, wash your face with clean water and apply aboric acid solution to the eye and use eye-drops. - Keep it away from wound.

    · Wash clothes contaminated by Liquid Potassium Silicate solution as soon as possible before it becomes dry. because it may cause decoloration and it's hard to remove it once it's dry.